Choosing your primary business!


Choosing your primary business is something you should accomplish with

Due Diligence

Decide what you want from your business
  1. Research all parameters set by program concerning campaigning/promoting the business.
  2. Determine what tools are provided and what the limitations are.
  3. Investigate what type of campaigns might work best to facilitate the progress of the business. NOTE: Do not plan to use pages provided by program to promote the business. PLAN TO BUILD YOUR OWN! (To learn more about this select “Member Plans” “Basic Host”). Do not Join Yet.
  4. Gather and organize the resources you will use to promote this business.
  5. Join a free program like “Moneylegs Network Development Club” to acquire as much education as possible about how to accomplish the above.
  6. Join GJW Forum Free. Use your real name. This helps “Brand You” and is much more professional. Read the “Must read Section” and post in the “welcome and Hello” so we can get to know you. A lot of help is available right here at the GJW Forum.
  7. Join free programs to promote Moneylegs and other related free programs that will help you with your campaigns.
  8. Locate free classifieds like Gypsybug Free Classified (just post one quality ad per month and get 3 others to do the same and you are in profit every month) to make money to pay for your program and to upgrade in tools programs if necessary.
  9. Also use other traffic programs(example) to help promote your program and to upgrade in tools programs if necessary.

To learn more about getting traffic to your program/concern join Sign Up For Our Complete, No Obligation WOINM System Training Series.

After Joining MoneyLegs Network Development Club

  1. Always read the Terms of service and FAQ after joining a program.
  2. Join the “in house programs”
  3. MoneyLegs has 10+ Free eMarketing courses.
  4. Read them!(Must be logged in to read these)
  5. Then go to the GJW Forum and request a Live interactive conference class free at your convenience and give time available for each class. You will learn much more this way and if you have time to take them from more than one instructer that is even better.

It is recommended that you Upgrade to “Senior Member” of
MoneyLegs for a one-time Lifetime fee of only $49.95 . You will earn
51% on any member you refer who upgrades.

Senior Member” Benefits


Wayne Owens is a member of the admin staff with the GJW Family of Programs, trainer, marketer, and a Traffic Exchange Owner.
For more traffic and chat while you surf Join him at TexasSizeTraffic


Just so you know how effective this program is I received a
sign-up from GOOGLE SEARCH one of these programs while writing this article!

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To All a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

I wish you
a Happy and Prosperous New Year! It is that time of year again where we
must set our tone for the year. Starting with each day, then each week,
then each month and finally for the Whole Year.

We set-up Goals, plans ,
activities(campaigns and/or other tools we need to acccomplish goals,
Schedules and TO-DO lists, and finally place all this in action.

To learn how to get all this done
while keeping organized Join MoneyLegs and Come to our Conference which
are all very informative with Highly experienced Trainers available
24/7 and always attending conferences.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Wayne Owens Internet Network Marketing where “Our business is Lead Generation for Your Business!” Announcing the Sudden move of this blog from Drupal to word press as there were many problems with the old one. If you arrived here because you are already signed up you will have to sign up again.  The Spam filter has already proved it self in only a couple hours so if you are a spammer please don’t waste your time.

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